Oil lube vs. water-based lube

The age old debate: water based vs oil based lubes is on going.  I like to believe it’s all a personal preference but both have their pros and cons depending on what you want out of or don’t want in your lubricant. Some water-based  and oil-based lubes can have both all natural and synthetic ingredients. There is definitely two different sensations you experience with both of them. It can often just be a matter of preference. 
Water- based can allow you to get more friction, where as oil based can allow you to slip n’ slide a bit more. The biggest issue I’ve come across is that oil based lubes often cannot be used with condoms. Oil will eat right through them. “Long Night” my water-based CBD lubricant gel is 100% plant based with 99.9% Organic ingredients. 
Adding the CBD actually relaxes the vaginal muscles and creates extra stimulation. Body feel is key for me. Let’s be honest if it doesn’t enhance your experience you are using the wrong lubrication. Choose wisely and your lube can take your pleasure to new heights.

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