Don’t Stress, just RELAX!

Stress. Yes, stress. I can sense you recoil from here as if you read something that didn’t taste appealing to your brain. You are not alone. Stress is something we all contend with. Stress is a normal part of the human condition but how it can manifest is where it can be dangerous and even deadly. Stress can affect your body, your mind, your feelings as well as behavior. Stress left unchecked can contribute to many health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. There are endless options at our disposal to lessen our stress but none more readily available than simple RELAXATION.

Relaxation, say it with me R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N. I bet your reaction was different than your previous. Relaxation is one of the most vital things we can give our bodies. When we relax the flow of blood increases throughout our body giving us more energy. Energy that we use to think clearer and concentrate, stay upbeat, make better decisions. A benefit from relaxation that can bring on life altering change such as reduced pain which will definitely aid in better sleeping habits. with better sleep you will take on the new days issues with more energy and the clarity to deal with them. Relaxing can be a million things to a million individuals. So whether you choose meditation or a 5k run or just a conversation with a loved one. Whatever technique you desire, enjoy doing it and it will feel effortless and the benefits will be immediate. We all deal with stressors in our life and our best weapon against them is for us to be our optimal selves and with the proper balance YOU can be just that. I know just the thing to help you RELAX! A nice warm bath full of Time Out! Enjoy! 

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