Benefits of massage

As a busy professional, that has a very erratic schedule, my stress level is always set to roller coaster mode. During these stressful times, for all of us, I cannot recommend enough how important self-care is and my go-to is a thorough massage. Every detail is a factor in a great massage. The lighting, sound, smells and touch. If any one of those is off it can lessen the effect of the massage. 
One of the building blocks of a great massage is physical contact. The masseuse touch is so important. Are they applying the right amount of pressure? Do their hands feel strong or soft? Is the oil or lotion they are using pleasing to you? Does it have an soothing scent? Nothing feels better underneath a masseuse’s hands than my “Long Day” CBD massage oil. It’s available in eucalyptus and lavender scents that have been proven to awaken or relax. Massage has benefits that you will feel immediately from reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, increased joint mobility, reduction of stress hormones and ultimately RELAXATION.

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